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Shopping in Vientiane

VientianeDestinationGuide,LuangPrabangHotelsandTours,LaosVientiane has the largest selection of shops in Laos and markets that sell imported goods as well as everything that is made all over Laos. Therefore, a Vientiane holiday is perfect for the avid shopper. Worth visiting are Vientiane's morning and night markets, in particular the main morning market Thalat Sao - which really runs all day 7 am - 4 pm. It is a huge collection of stalls selling virtually everything. It is a good place to find almost anything including textiles and fabrics that are unique to Laos. Items such as hill-tribe handicrafts, clothing and gold and silver jewelry can also be found in the many shops on Thanon Samsenthai, Thanon Setthathilat and Thanon Pangkham.

If shopping is a major priority for your Vientiane vacation, book your Vientiane hotel near these streets or Talat Sao!

This Vientiane Shopping Guide gives tips and hints of what to buy, and some shops or markets that you may find interesting to include as part of your Vientiane holiday. More general information about souvenirs and handicrafts from Laos can be found in our Laos Shopping Guide. And don't forget to experience some authentic Laotian cuisine at one of the Vientiane Restaurants.

Vientiane Shopping

Credit cards are accepted in many of the shops but only cash in the markets. Bargaining is expected in the markets but some shops have fixed prices. Most stores and markets are closed on Sundays.

For those interested in Lao weaving, northeast of the city centre of Vientiane, in Chanthabuli, is the weaving district of Ban Nong Buathong. This district is made up of about 20 or so weaving families, some of whom are happy for visitors to observe them working on their looms and buy their products.