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Vientiane weather forecast

Vientiane has several distinct seasons, with the rainy season running from May through to October, the cool dry season from October-February and the hot dry season from March-May.  The cool dry season tends to be the most popular time for a Vientiane holiday and advance bookings of Vientiane hotels and Vientiane tours is particularly recommended during this period.

If you're planning your trip to Vientiane, whether it's a visa run or not, plan enough time to stay a few days and explore the city!

The rainy season tends to amount to warm days (25-30 degrees) with periodic downpours lasting an hour or so. The hot dry season runs from March-May with temperatures reaching 40 degrees not being unknown. The cool dry season, which tends to be the most popular time of year for a Vientiane vacation, runs from October through to February-March, with temperatures dropping to as low as 5 degrees during the nights - warm clothing is recommended during this time, although day time temperatures of 20-25 degrees are not uncommon.

Six-day forecast (Details)
°F | °C

Aug 31

Hi:  34°C

Lo:  24°C

Sep 01

Hi:  35°C

Lo:  25°C

Sep 02

Hi:  31°C

Lo:  25°C

Sep 03

Hi:  32°C

Lo:  25°C

Sep 04

Hi:  33°C

Lo:  23°C

Sep 05

Hi:  32°C

Lo:  22°C